pool1 [po͞ol]
[ME < OE pol, akin to Du poel & Ger pfuhl, prob. ult. < IE base * bhel-, to shine, glimmer]
1. a small pond, as in a garden
2. a small collection of liquid, as a puddle
4. a deep, still spot in a river
5. a natural, isolated, underground accumulation of oil or gas
to form, or accumulate in, a pool
pool2 [po͞ol]
[Fr poule, pool, stakes, orig. hen < LL pulla, hen, fem. of L pullus (see POULTRY): assoc. in E with POOL1]
1. the total amount of the players' stakes played for, as in a single deal of a card game; pot
a) Brit. a game of billiards for such a pool
b) any of various games related to billiards played typically with object balls numbered from one to fifteen and a cue ball, on a POOL TABLE: the object is to pocket a ball or balls
3. a combination of resources, funds, etc. for some common purpose; specif.,
a) the combined wagers of bettors on a horse race, participants in a lottery, etc., the gains or losses from which are to be divided proportionately
b) the combined investments of a group of persons or corporations undertaking, and sharing responsibility for, a joint enterprise
c) a common fund of stockholders, for speculation, manipulation of prices, etc.
d) the persons or parties forming any such combination
4. a combination of business firms for creating a monopoly in a particular market; trust
a) a collection of equipment and group of trained personnel, utilized and shared by a group [a motor pool]
b) an informal group of people sharing in some task or responsibility [a car pool]
vt., vi.
☆ to contribute to a pool, or common fund; make a common interest or form a pool (of)

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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